The Knife of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness

It’s hard to express my rage at and frustration with this book, so, a list. Good points: very involving plot, written the present tense to always draw you forward. Bad points: protagonist that angered me, plot points that infuriated me, and an unresolved ending leading to book 2. I almost stopped reading this several times, but I am a completist at heart. I will not, however, read the rest of the series. Finally, I find it difficult to imagine what possible segment of a YA audience this is targeted toward. I read my share of dystopian teen fiction, but the violence, profanity, emotional abuse, and pervasive sense of despair throughout gives this book more commonality with The Road than with most YA lit. Not recommended, unless you wish to stop reading periodically and announce “I hate this book”, which I did.

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