The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon

Thought this is not considered to by a YA book, it feels like part of the flock of YA dystopian novels. However, The Bone Season stands out. Interesting, twisty, with a driven 19-year-old heroine, the story pulls you and carries you along through the final page. Shannon deserves her accolades for her phenomenal world-building, which she bases in Victorian London, despite the novel’s setting in 2059. Her world of clairvoyants, prison cities, and Victorian street slang requires a glossary in the back of the book, but most words are discernible by context. Adding the slang to a 480-page novel requires an unusual amount of commitment from the reader, but, as reader, you are richly rewarded. Despite the usual tropes of a novel like this, there is no teen sex, but there is violence, and the sequel has much more. Recommended for dystopia fans 17 and up, who are willing to commit.


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