This Duchess of Mine, by Eloisa James


The book the readers of this series have been waiting for! The Duke and Duchess of Beaumont, both chess masters, have been wooing each other throughout the series, trying to find their way back together after their marriage was damaged in its early years. In this novel, which is sexy, serious, and joyful by turns, we see what comes of their quest to reunite.

The Duke, Elijah, is a straight-arrow with a passion for politics and a will to leave his country better than he found it. The Duchess, Jemma, is frivolous, worldly, and smart, and these two opposites are also racing time; Elijah has a bad heart and his father died at 34.

Beautifully written, this book is hard to put down, filled with genuine passion, affection, and steamy scenes. I recommend you read the earlier books to get this couple’s full story; it makes this one all the sweeter. For 18 and up.

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