Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo


A terrific heist novel, related only tangentially to Bardugo’s earlier trilogy. When a merchant wants to shut down a new drug that could literally change the world, he calls on the Dregs, a gang from the wrong side of town led by a scrappy and powerful 17-year-old named Kaz. As in any good heist story, Kaz assembles his idiosyncratic team of six, and as they proceed with their plan, we learn more about each of these teens and their traumatic childhoods. This is a twisty and intricate plot, and kudos to Bardugo for making each step in the plan as clear as she does.

In this as in Bardugo’s prior trilogy, her world-building has echos from Amsterdam, from Finland, and from Russia. There is no room for Anglo-centrists in this world. You will want to snap up the next book instantly – this is not a stand-alone. Recommended for 16 and up for violence and childhood trauma.


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