The Short Life and Tragic Death of Robert Peace: A Brilliant Young Man who left Newark for the Ivy League, by Jeff Hobbs


An extraordinary look at the life of one young man, born in a rough part of Newark, educated at Yale, and dead at 30. Author Hobbs (Peace’s roommate at Yale) makes us so intimately acquainted with Peace’s East Orange neighborhood that we care deeply about not only Rob Peace, but also about his relatives, his best friends, and his small prep school that caters to young men of color. Rob’s tragic flaw is his investment in his neighborhood, and his inability to leave it contributes to his death.

It has taken me several days to write this review, because I genuinely grieve for the loss of Rob, not only because he is exceptional, but also because he represents so many other young black men who don’t even make it that far, but all of whom are cut down too soon.

The musical Hamilton says it is those who are left behind who determine “who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” Rob Peace will never die because Jeff Hobbs told his story.
A must-read.

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