Category: Arthurian

Lamp Black, Wolf Gray by Paula Brackston

Lamp Black, Wolf Grey

Laura and her husband Dan have moved to Wales from London for a fresh start, but from the first, Laura is more entranced with the rural countryside than Dan is. And since Dan is still working in London, Laura is spending the week there alone. This is, in some ways, a story about a woman who “goes native” and how it endangers her and all she thinks she values, but there is a parallel story, set in the distant past, of Merlin and a young woman he falls in love with, and the ripples that story has on the present day echo throughout the book. Strangely haunting.

The Book of Mordred, by Vivian Vande Velde

This focus on Mordred’s life uses three short stories to tell of two of his exploits (as the author creates them) and then winds those stories into the final story of Mordred that covers Camelot’s demise. Based on Malory’s Morte d’Arthur, the finale captures all of the looming tragedy as it unfolds: Lancelot’s betrayal, the war that Arthur refuses to fight, and, ultimately, Arthur and Mordred facing each other one last time. The new stories make engaging additions to the canon, and the conclusion brings all the power and despair back to us afresh.