Category: Christian

A Noble Masquerade, by Kristi Ann Hunter


An absolutely terrific Regency romance for all ages. Such a wonderful blend of adventure, chemistry and sheer fun that I didn’t even miss the steamy bits. Lady Miranda is used to writing her thoughts in the form of a letter to her older brother’s best friends, whom she has never met. When one of the those letters is suddenly posted by her husband’s new valet, chaos ensues.

This was remarkably good, and the central love story is deeply satisfying. Miranda is an older, unwed sister to a beautiful younger sister, and her insecurities and frustrations about remaining ladylike make her wonderful to read. Highly recommended, for 16 and up.


Unending Devotion, by Jody Hedlund


This Christian romance is set in the lumber camps of forested 1883 Michigan. Lily has arrived in Harrison, Michigan to check this town’s brothels, liberate who she can, and free her sister, who has disappeared into sexual slavery. She never expects to meet Connell, a local businessman who has kept himself pure, as she has.

What I liked about this novel was the genuine history of the era’s lumber camps, which eviscerated the forests of an area and moved on, and the taverns and brothels which sprang up to service the “shanty boys” who worked as lumberjacks. The lead romance is fine, and both characters do mature and grow over the course of the novel. For fans of this genre only, 16 and up.