Category: Flintlock Fantasy

The Shadow Throne, by Django Wexler


Extraordinary second book in this “flintlock fantasy” trilogy. In the city of Vordan, the king lies on his deathbed and the princess, widely seen as a figurehead, is in disguise in the city, gathering a rebellion before the Last Duke, head of the evil Concordat, can take over after her father’s death. We do get to see many of our favorite characters from the first novel, some finding different roles in the wake of the victory in Khandar. We get some of the spooky magic that is distinct to this world. We get to see some of the battle scenes that Wexler writes so brilliantly. And we get several, distinct strong female leads, exceptional in a book by a male fantasy author. A wonderful read, okay for 16 and up due to violence and threat of torture.

The Thousand Names, by Django Wexler


Wow! Amazing high fantasy novel, set in Khandar, where the Vordanai army, recently routed by the revolution of the Redeemed, has brought in reinforcements from across the Demon Sea to reinstate a puppet prince on the throne of Khandar. The novel focuses on soldier Winter Ihernglass, who is just trying to keep her head down, since she is a girl in disguise, and on Captain Marcus d’Ivoire, commander of the garrison, soon to turn his command over to a newly arrived colonel, who may just be crazy enough to take the fight back to the capital and then out across the desert. A great read – suggested 16 and up for bloody and horrific battle scenes. Can’t wait to read the sequel.