Category: Paranormal Romance

Blood Vow, by J.R. Ward


Ward is at the top of her game with this, the second in the Black Dagger Legacy series, and there wasn’t a single one of her many storylines that I wanted to skip over. So in this novel we have in play Axe, a tough but wounded guy, and one of the trainees in the Brotherhood’s training classes for new soldiers. We also have Rhage and Mary, adjusting to new life adorably with their adopted teen, Bitty. And finally we have Elise, and member of the aristocracy, who is struggling to get out of her father’s restrictive traditionalism by earning her PhD.

I enjoyed spending time with all these folks, and we still had fights and romance galore. Excellent installment in the series from Ward. For 18 and up.


Angels of Darkness, by Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Sharon Shinn & Meljean Brook


An excellent collection of four PNR shorts, featuring two of my favorite authors, Ilona Andrews and Sharon Shinn. Their stories are the strongest, but the other two are good as well. Singh’s is strong enough that I may give her writing a try again. For 18 and up.

A Court of Mist and Fury, by Sarah J. Maas


This stunning second novel is even more powerful than the first, with reveals about the first book that make me want to read it again. Our heroine, Feyre, is deeply changed after the events of the first book, and her post-traumatic stress sends the first ripples of stress through her relationship with the High Fae lord she loves. Simply a scorcher of a story, but for 18 and up, due to very explicit sex scenes (much more so than the first book.) Heck, I’ve read adult romance novels that weren’t this graphic. NOT a YA book.


Becoming Alpha, by Aileen Erin


This nice YA paranormal romance reminded me of the Morganville Vampire series, but with werewolves instead. A fun popcorn romance, in which Tessa gets sentenced to, for her, the worst high school ever for her senior year, and falls for the cutest guy. Some great characterizations here (I really liked Tessa’s roommate) and there is room for them all to grow.

Great fun for the 16 and up crowd.



Jacob, by Jacquelyn Frank


This steamy paranormal does its job with the sexy scenes, but the initial relationship between the lovers felt false to me, and it took me over half the book to be at all invested in their future. That said, I like the world-building and the threats to the world, but the book lacked the assurance of a PNR by Kresley Cole or J.R. Ward. And can we call a moratorium on paranormal heroines named Bella?? For 18 and up.

Blood Kiss, by J. R. Ward


A sensational debut to this next-generation spinoff series of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, this book has everything we love about the BDB: sophisticated fight scenes, sexytimes as part of a powerfully unstoppable romance, and the wonderful characters Ward has created that we love spending time with over and over again. In this one, we meet a new couple-in-waiting and we also spend time with Butch and Marissa (among others) as they try to right a wrong in the vampire community. Fantastic for BDB fans and a nice introduction for those starting a new series without having read the prior one. 18 and up.

The Beast, by J. R. Ward


Another steamy entry in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I was delighted to find that this one focused on Rhage, one of the BD Brothers, and his formerly human wife, Mary. Despite their continued love for each other, they have grown apart, with her focused on her social work and with him focused on a peculiar dissatisfaction that has come over him.

This has everything BDB fans like: the original Brotherhood, supportive and caring about each other, steamy bedroom scenes between loving lead characters, and battles with the BDB’s arch-enemy, the Lessers. It also advances the overall plot and brings in a new character or two. A great read – for 18 and up.