Category: Sci-Fi

The Aeronaut’s Windlass, by Jim Butcher


What a joy to finish all 600-plus pages of Jim Butcher’s fantastic new book. It is non-stop steampunk action, from dogfights in the sky to fighting monsters miles above the ground to super-scary villains that are feared by their foes and allies alike. It has heroes and heroines to root for, including a brilliant yet disgraced airship captain, an imperious young woman, a highborn young man desperate to hide the beast inside him, a farm girl, and a self-satisfied cat. I hope Butcher will follow with a sequel – I can’t wait to read it. Highly recommended. And unlike Butcher’s Dresden novels, which are for adults, I’d recommend this for 16 and up.

The Drafter, by Kim Harrison


Harrison’s leap from urban fantasy into sci-fi is just terrific. It is 2030 and our heroine, Peri Reed, works for a secret government agency as a drafter, someone who can turn time back and redo the preceding seconds but at the cost of forgetting time, either minutes or weeks. Since the tale’s POV is Peri’s this leads to a twisting tale in which Peri learns critical information but she may or may not remember it moments later. It’s a great read, one that will keep you up late turning pages as fast as you can. For 18 and up.