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MacRieve, by Kresley Cole


Nice to be back with a shifter romantic hero, but he is taxed with a heroine that he can’t possibly love in Chloe Todd. I wrestled with this one–how much hostility can the heroine take before we are into a toxic relationship?–but it was certainly more satisfying than the prior two. Steamy!
Kiss of Snow, by Nalini Singh

Kiss of Snow, by Nalini Singh

There was a lot to like about this paranormal romance (shifters + ESP), but since it is tenth in the series, much of the world-building went by me in a haze of confusion. (There are alliances and mental connections and they broke away from baddies earlier and now they are with the shifters…yeah, I got nothing.) I stayed for the growing romance and the chemistry between the leads. Very satisfying. 18 and up.