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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by J.K. Rowling


NO SPOILERS. Wow, I have missed Rowling’s twisty mind. This wonderful play (in four acts) is more intricate than any return to Potter I could possibly imagine. It takes the established canon for the books and deepens it so that you won’t read the original novels the same way again. Simply lovely. We get to spend time with familiar characters (welcome and unwelcome), and we get to know wonderful new characters that I fell slowly in love with.

Without giving anything away, this play is just as plot-driven as the original books, and it’s steeped in the magic we expect from Rowling. As a theatre person, I had fun trying to figure out how the original production could have created some of the special effects required. I’d also like to say how wonderful it is for Rowling’s work to expose people to reading plays for pleasure. This one is a joy.