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Lover Unleashed, by J. R. Ward


Terrific next book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, with our love story focused on a relationship for the female warrior in the group. The key subplot involving one of our happily mated characters with a sexual dark side was also terrifically well done. I’m such a fan of these books – I’m going t0 have a hard time finding another series I like as much. Paranormal romance for grownups.

The Bourbon Kings, by J.R. Ward


A strong first entry to J.R. Ward’s new series. Ward vividly creates Easterly, a Kentucky mansion built an sustained on a bourbon empire. The younger son of that empire, Tulane, has stayed far from home since the dissolution of his relationship with Lizzie, Easterly’s top horticulturist. But his forced return brings shock waves to both of them and to Tulane’s extended, deeply dysfunctional family. A great read, for 18 and up due to sexy times and general seediness.

Lover Enshrined, by J.R. Ward


Gorgeous but emotionally scarred, our hero self-medicates with drugs, and our heroine, who’s being forcibly paired off with our hero, is resistant and terrified to the point of tears. Hard to imagine how our intrepid author can trace a viable path for these two, but never underestimate Ward, who’s juggling a cast of dozens at this point, even while she’s creating one of the most terrifying villains yet in the series.

Lover Unbound, by J.R. Ward


Another smoking hot PNR from Ward, this time with a little B&D thrown in for spice. Our hero is tall, dark and tormented, and our heroine is smart and savvy. It’s a strong relationship, even though the road to romance is rocky and paved with potholes. As ever in this series, the story is far from a typical romance, but involves deep thoughtful characterizations of the folks surrounding our couple, as well as many sideline plots that may or may not be resolved in future novels. A great, and compulsive read.

Lover Revealed, by J.R. Ward


Another terrific read that pulls you into this compulsively readable series. Ex-cop Butch O’Neal has fallen hard for a vampire female, but their worlds are too far apart for that to ever make sense in his mind. And in the mean time, the vampire warriors’ mortal enemies, the Lessers, are still recruiting and causing trouble, and young John is still mourning the loss of his surrogate father. A real genre-bender that encompasses paranormal romance, action/adventure, and substantial, thoughtful character growth. Great writing.

Lover Awakened, by J.R. Ward


This is a genuinely remarkable story, particularly for a paranormal romance. Characters include a hero who is not broken but ruined by decades of slavery and sexual abuse and the woman who loves him anyway, the human who finds friendship with the toughest vampires ever, the mute young man who finds a family for the first time, the sworn enemy of vampires who falls in love with one, and the twin with survivor’s guilt, desperate to help a brother who is beyond help. Adult-only sex and violence, but a really great read.

Lover Eternal, by J.R. Ward


The second in Ward’s series about a vampire brotherhood, this novel explores the mutual attraction between one of the brotherhood and (gasp!) a human. But this vampire has baggage of his own – he turns into a raging beast under pressure. And to Ward’s great credit, his human love is not a hot young thing, but an average-looking 30something, worried about a return bout with cancer. Freed from a need for exposition, Ward’s writing can now encompass multiple subplots, some of which have their own romantic trials, and some of which feature the Brotherhood’s mortal enemies, the Lesser. A page-turner.