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Daylighters, by Rachel Caine


The “for now” conclusion to the Morganville Vampires ties up many loose ends, but first it begins with Claire and friends returning to Morganville and arriving at a changed city. Things are painted and refurbished, and the Daylight Foundation is bringing joy and sunshine to the town, but only to the human parts of town. The vampires are basically in an internment camp, and that doesn’t sit right with Claire or her human friends. But isn’t it a good thing not to have the humans fearing for their lives and serving as second-class citizens. Claire asks all these questions and more on her way to resolving her greatest challenge yet. For 16 and up, though this one has more sex and violence than the rest of the series.



Fall of Night, by Rachel Caine


Our heroine, Claire, is officially 18, and the books have taken a darker turn, and they are more open about the physical relationship between Claire and her boyfriend. But more has changed – Claire has left Morganville for the first time in two years, headed for MIT and everything is different. Or is it just Claire that is so different from everyone else, scarred by two years of looking over her shoulder? An interesting read for fans of the series, 16 and up.

Bitter Blood, by Rachel Caine


Book 13 of this series continues the second wind its author has had for the last couple books. In this one, things seem back to normal, but a new normal is in effect for the humans of Morganville. In this one, vampires are given free reign over humans – perhaps even to hunt them for their blood. Can Claire and friends save the town from civil war and avoid the firestorm caused by a human/vampire marriage? For 16 and up.

Last Breath, by Rachel Caine


Book 11 in The Morganville Vampires barely slows down for that last breath. Caine has her world and her characters firmly in her grip, and this novel feels like a breath of fresh air for the series. A new villain, a serious challenge to the roommates and lovers in the Glass House, and Claire’s toughest personal challenge yet. A terrific read, even for the uninitiated, 16 and up.

Bite Club, by Rachel Caine



The vampires still run Morganville, and they’ve started a new extreme sport: bare knuckling fighting, human against vampire, and Shane has been sucked in. Can Claire and Eve and Michael extract him from the situation before the head of the vampires swoops down and has everyone involved killed? Another challenging novel for Caine’s characters means another good read for us! 16 and up.

Many Bloody Returns, edited by Charlaine Harris


A solid anthology, with some great short stories from the worlds of Sookie Stackhouse, Harry Dresden, the Morganville Vampires, and Women of the Otherworld. All the authors were given the topic of vampires and birthdays, and the results range from humorous to bleak, from light-hearted to disturbing. If you’re a vampire fan, this is your anthology. For 16 and up, but most are targeted at adult readers.


Kiss of Death, by Rachel Caine


Another strong episode in the Morganville Vampires series, the book focuses on a road trip among our lead characters. Despite their passes to escape Morganville, it seems they can’t get far from violence and blood. These are characters you want to continue to spend time with, despite the darkness of their setting, since they hold on to hope throughout. Another older YA read – 16 and up.

Fade Out, by Rachel Caine


With this book I return to Morganville, Texas, home to legions of vampires and some people. Our heroine, Claire, is still working for a mad scientist vampire and quasi-living with her boyfriend, Shane, her best friend, Eve, and Eve’s boyfriend Michael. This is more of a restructuring book in the wake of the chaos of the last few books, but it’s interesting as well, as a computer comes to dislike Claire, and a budding filmmaker becomes over-zealous. I’m a particular fan of Bob the terrifying spider. A fun read, for 16 and up, though it is overly casual about teen sex.