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Stiletto, by Daniel O’Malley


Another fantastic book about the British secret agency, The Checquy. Author O’Malley delights with his insight into government bureaucracy, his unexpected monsters, and the wonderful female friendship that is at the heart of the book. The Checquy is attempting to merge with its arch-enemies, and when one of its female soldiers is assigned to bodyguard one of the visiting Grafters, their mutual hostility is at war with their innate politeness to amusing results. You don’t have to have read book 1 to follow Stiletto, but it helps. I love this series with a fiery passion. For 18 and up, due to violence and disturbing supernatural manifestations.


The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley

This terrific debut novel combines supernaturals with a British spy story for a twisty mystery that propels you through the story. Our wonderful heroine, Myfanway (pronounced Miffany),awakens with amnesia and only a note in her pocket telling her who she is. Let’s just quote the first line of the book: “Dear You, The body you’re wearing used to be mine.” A rollicking good time, filled with people with unusual powers staffing Britian’s secret spy agency, follows. Highly recommended. This is not a YA book, but I think 16 and up would enjoy it.